Text Messaging Program Registry

Welcome to the Textel Text Messaging Registry. This form is used to register your text messaging use case for your business. The texting industry has recently added requirements that all businesses must register their texting use case into a central registry. The goal of the industry's registry is to ensure that consumers are receiving texts from responsible organizations, that the content is appropriate, and consumers are being protected from fraud and spam. We welcome this evolution as we, too, want the text messaging communication to remain the most trusted, useful, and convenient communication method available.

Text Enabled Phone Numbers

10-digit phone number(s) that you send messages from. Use commas, semicolons, tabs, or new lines to separate multipe phones
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{{phone.value}} {{textEnabledPhoneList.length}} Phone(s)

Brand Information

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Legally registered business name
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If different from legal business name
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{{ getValidationMessage('stockSymbol') }}
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Do not include SSN in this field
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Choose the option that most closely describes the audience and set of needs served by your business
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Messaging Program Information

This should describe the overall messaging program and what it will be used for. (e.g., This messaging program will be used to message users after they arrive for an appointment so they can wait in their car and are sent a message when their provider is ready to see them.). Minimum of 40 characters.
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Select the type of messaging traffic that is run over the phone number(s). If it’s purely conversational, choose “Customer Care”. Provide 2 to 5 Use Cases with Message Samples
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Sample text message that illustrates use-case. Minimum of 20 characters
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This should describe how end-users provide their phone number and consent to receive messages. (e.g., The end-user calls their provider and lets them know they have arrived. The provider asks if they would like to receive a text when their provider is ready to see them). Minimum of 40 characters.
{{ getValidationMessage('messageFlow') }}

This should be an example of the first message the end-user receives once they opt-in (e.g., "Tranquil Family Dentistry: Thanks for being on time. We will text when it is time to come in."). Minimum of 20 characters.
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